Mercedes S class

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From decade to decade, generation to generation, the Mercedes S class reaffirms its dominant position in the luxury vehicle world. needless to say that, to many people, this is the best luxury sedan in the world.

Mercedes E class convertable

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The most versatile Mercedes car, suitable for all needs and occasions. It’s perfectly dynamic, economical and comfortable – ready to meet all the demands of business people and, of course, luxurious enough for festive events.

Porsche Panamera

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The Porsche Panamera is a car created for those who want more driving ability and a driving experience in a large sedan. In addition to the incredible sporting features, maximum comfort is retained, so your ultimate impression after driving this sedan will surely be more than positive. As this is not just a sports car, Porsche has further worked on interior design, which now looks much richer, more luxurious and quite different from other cars, unlike previous models, so it will further make you feel …

Maserati GT

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The Maserati GT certainly represents the very top of the pyramid when it comes to super sports cars. Under the hood is a Ferrari engine and transmission, which guarantee exceptional performance, Maserati did its best to make the interior more luxurious and larger so that it can comfortably accommodate three adults + driver. The engine sound and the overall driving experience of this car will impress even the biggest car lovers.

BMW 6 GranCoupe

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It’s created for lovers of beautiful things, people of refined taste, people with style in every sense. It’s known for its flexible performance, with an acceleration of 100 kilometers per hour in about 5 seconds.


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The model we have on offer comes with an M package, so the design, both exterior and interior, differs from standard models. In addition, the car has a very unusual color, which under the direct light shines on the weight, and otherwise is black.

Mercedes S class Maybach

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A luxury car in which elegance, comfort and high technology have been brought to a previously unimaginable level (literally). Maybach was created for the passenger in the back seat, a CEO’s vehicle in the truest sense of the word.